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This is the solution   
Kara  Michigan, USA  8/26/2010

I couldn''t be happier - our cats don''t associate us with their feeding at all! No more meowing, no more attacks in the morning (due to hunger, haha). Our 2 cats are gluttons - they can''t free-feed or they''ll become obese. But when we doled out their food, they became obnoxious! Enter the 2 autofeeders (so the dominant one doesn''t eat it all) - we''ve had ours for over 5 years (still in perfect condition), and I''ll never give them up.

Great Feeder   
Bill  Lake Oswego, OR  11/23/2009

Purchased several years ago and it has has been a real help during time away from home. Our cat will eat everything put in front of him at one time so other feeders did not work. The ability to set in seconds up to eight times daily is perfect. By spreading out the feeding our cat does not "pig out" and get sick. I cannot say enough good things about this product. It has allowed us vacation time without having to ask someone to stop by several times daily for feeding.

Customer Service   
Seth  Texas  8/16/2009

This company has excellent customer service and has a no questions asked replacement process. I sent an email on a Sunday and had my replacement part on Thursday.

This feeder is great   
ANDREW   wi  5/5/2009

This feeder is great, easy to setup and get started. Our cat loves it as he eats food 8 times a day now instead of 2 times. I just figured out how long for the timer to run so he would get the same amount of food spread out over 8 feedings as opposed to 2 feedings. No more of the cat waking us up at all hours begging to be fed. Every cat owner NEEDS one of these.



Good idea best for dogs   
Deirdre  California  3/8/2009

I bought two. One quit after 11 months. The company very quickly replace the base with the motor. That lasted for two more months. Once it stopped working, the cat was determined to get into the feeder instead of waiting for me to open it each morning and take out the correct amount of food. The first one had a flat cover she could open at will. The replacement had a tube. By standing in the dish and shoving the feeder she broke off 1/4 inch thick plastic bits and finally the entire tube. Now it was an expensive food storage unit the cat could get food from at will. The other feeder, for a second cat lasted 13 months, 3 past the warranty period. Then cat one started to destroy that feeder as well for easier access. For dogs, these feeders, if they don''t stop working, should be great. For cats - not so good. I''m going to a stainless steel, designed to be cat proof, feeder.

Terrific Product!   
Ann Chambers  Canada  9/29/2008

I purchased the small Autopetfeeder for 2 house rabbits. It has worked EXACTLY as expected. We no longer have to worry about leaving the bunnies hungry if we have to stay late after work or run errands. And the bunnies have some predictability in their lives. Has been great for ensuring that their weight is managed. And it has ended their association between us and food (thereby eliminating the stress of never knowing whether food is coming or not when we play with or pet them). The size of the feeder is great for our 3- and 5-pound bunnies; the design is great. No issues at all. Very pleased with this product.

Saved my sanity!!!!,   
Khylea  California  9/8/2008

7 of 7 people found the following review helpful: 5.0 out of 5 stars Saved my sanity!!!!, September 19, 2007 By Khylea - See all my reviews I have had this product for about a year, and it has saved my sanity. I have to get up at 530 for work, and my cat would wake me up every night at 330 or 4 to be fed and would bug me until I finally got up at 530. Needless to say, I was not happy about missing out on 2 hours of sleep every night. I was at wit''s end, but I couldn''t free feed him because he is overweight. I really didn''t want to have to make a decision between me getting my sleep and him getting fat. So I tried this product. AND I LOVE IT!!!!! Yes, it did not take him long to figure out he can serve himself, but I did an experiment one day. I programmed the feeder to give him the amount I wanted to give him, and let it run naturally through 8 cycles (one day''s worth of feedings). Then I simulated a feline paw pulling down extra food after the cycle completes (with my finger) and did that for 8 cycles. Absolutely NO DIFFERENCE in amount of food dispensed. People need to consider....if the cat is pulling down extra food after the cycle stops, it just means that when the auger starts up for the next cycle, there wont be any food right in the end. So it will run for a few seconds without depositing any food into the bowl. The only thing a cat is doing is basically "living on credit". They''re taking food from their next feeding, not giving themselves extra. I challenge anyone who thinks their cat is getting more if they dig it out themselves to do the same experiment I did. All that''s happening is that my cat is deciding himself when he eats. If he doesn''t want to wait for the 8pm feeding and wants to dig the food out at 630, well, whatever. If anything, this digging out of food might actually cause a cat to lose weight, because when my cat is going for it, he''s on his back, his side, rolling back and forth to get just the right angle. Even if he did manage to dig out an extra kibble or two that he should not have received, I am quite sure that he used up more calories getting the food out than he received from his pilferage. HIGHLY RECOMMEND this product for any person who is tired of being awakened at 2am by a hungry kitty. I have not had any problems with this item and I am admittedly not as good on maintaining it as I should be. When it does finally die, I will splurge on the hundred dollars to get another one. It''s well worth getting a full night''s sleep and not having a fat cat from free feeding.

Wonderful IDEA   
NY  New York, USA  8/27/2008

The IDEA behind this device is wonderful. Great for city dwellers or people with erratic schedules. It stopped my cat from whining all day, since he''s confident he''ll be fed at the same time every day. Much healthier than leaving unlimited portions of dry food out. Keeps his weight to a healthy level.

Fantastic product   
William C  USA  8/21/2008

The Filtered Pet Waterer works fine for my pet. I just love the product. Its wonderful And the feeder is also working fine the base that was sent as replacement. Altogether the Feeder and Waterer works Fantastic for my pets

Best on the market but not perfect.   
J. Johnson  USA  8/6/2008

After several days of research, I decided this model was probably best for feeding dry food to our cats. The precise timing in nice because we have a cat who eats too fast and throws up so we are able to feed her a few kibbles several times a day and avoid that problem. It also allows each of them to eat their own special diet food without trying to steal from the other''s dish. My cats also discovered they could get more food by slipping a paw into the auger but we solved that with a small hood made of sheet metal. There is enough room for the food to come out but not enough to get a paw inside. I agree that the company should design a better cover for the auger. The biggest problem we''ve noticed is that our cats have become very obsessed with food and will scramble madly to get off our lap/bed/etc when they hear the feeder. Overall this feeder has been much more convenient than feeding by hand and lets the cats eat when we are at work. I''m not tripping over hungry cats when I get home from work. Our overwieght cat has lost weight and the other one doesn''t throw up as often.

Helpful in so many ways    
Heather M. Dumdei  USA  8/6/2008

I have a very erratic schedule. My cat cannot be left with a continuous food supply since he is one who will eat until he''s stuffed. Unfortunately, this meant he was getting fed at all kinds of odd hours. So, I did a little research on the internet and found this little beauty. It has a reservoir that holds about 5 gallons of food and a timer that you can set so that...

Worth Buying   
C. Stoops  USA  8/6/2008

I bought this for my overweight cat because we frequently leave on the weekends. I love almost everything about this product other than the fact that my cat figured out he could reach his paw into it and a few pieces of food falls out. If your cat is smart (and loves food too much) I''m sure it''ll do this too. But all in all, I would recommend it to ANYONE who wants a reliable food source for their pet. Our power has even gone out and turned back on and the program stays the same and still feeds our cat. If you can''t decide, trust me, it was worth the money for sure! ps- we got a dog sized feeder that will hold 10 lbs, because the smaller sizes don''t have an auger to move the food and keep it fresh.

Works well   
M. Frankland  USA  8/6/2008

The timer is easy to program. The food spews out as advertised. I''m not sure why this thing has any negative reviews. It has worked flawlessly for about a month now.

Great Product   
D. Kaiser  USA  8/6/2008

I was forced into an automatic pet feeder by one of my two cats who decided that being fed at 5 am was not early enough. The worst part was that even when he finally would get me up at 4:15 he wasn''t hungry he just wanted me up. You do need to take a few minutes to read the instructions that come with this product. I found it easy to set up, though I did have to then create some protection to stop the other cat from finding ways to get extra food. However that was not the purpose of this product. I''ve been using this for about 8 months now. It is consistent, reliable, and accurate. It''s been great!

Essential for the busy pet owner   
Miles  USA  8/6/2008

I am an Airline Pilot, so I am gone for a few days at a time now and then. This is the second one of these that I have purchased for my cats. I have one near the house (keep it out of the weather) and one in the barn. Excellent programming ability, very dependable. I actually mounted them so that the food slides down a chute (about a 1 ft piece of gutter downspout) to keep the raccoons from getting into it, otherwise they can reach up inside the unit and jiggle the auger and the food will trickle out a couple of pieces at a time. But then I am a more power, better design kind of guy.

This product rocks   
B. Kraus   USA  8/6/2008

Ok first let me say I''m not sure if the other reviewer didn''t bother to read the directions or set up the timer properly, but I haven''t had a problem with this item yet. As a matter of fact I don''t know how I lived without it, I''m gone for about 12 hours a day with my commute and work, and sometimes I do over time, or a bus is running late. It gives me a nice piece of mind to know that my cat is going to be fed if I''m home on time or not. It''s also nice to be able to go away for the weekend and not have to find someone to come over to feed my cat. With this, the litter robot, and the petmate fountain, I have a very happy pet, and a happy pet owner. This product is well worth the money.

Best purchase EVER   
S. Hansen   USA  8/6/2008

I love my pet feeder! Now my cat doesn''t have to paw at me in the mornings to be fed and I can leave for a few days without worrying about feeding her. She''s on a restricted diet so this helped control exact food amounts, wonderful. She has figured out the paw under the flap thing but she hasn''t broken it by any means. I think we''re both the better for having bought it.

Great for busy people   
R. Robinson   USA  8/6/2008

I origianlly bought the larger food dispenser for my 2 cats when I went away last year on vacation. It made it easier for the pet sitter and I knew they were being fed the right amount. Working full time and going to school full time makes it difficult to always feed my pets on time. Now with this feeder, all my little guys are fed 4 small meals daily. It was really easy to set up & I will be getting another small one for my new puppy. Cons: Trial and error with food amounts (it dispenses based on time, not amount of food, which varies depending on kibble size.) My cats became wise to where the food comes out and broke off the cap that covers where the food dispenses from by pawing at it to get the food out (this was only held in place by small plastic pins on a hinge). I just taped it back on and it works well now, but the cap will not keep a cat from getting its paw under where the food comes out from. They only get a few kibbles, so it would not be a big deal unless your cat has diet restrictions. The convenience of the product, to me, out weighs the small flaws in design.

Wonderful! Once the timing is set right   
K. Caro   USA  8/6/2008

I bought this for my diabetic cat, and after setting it up I found the product to be a wonderful help to her feedings. Only once did it feed too much, but I found that it was MY mistake in the settings, not the product. 20 seconds dispensed 1/8 cup of food (this depends on kernell size) and she had feedings set for every 4 hours round the clock. This helped to stabilize her blood sugar, knowing when and how much she ate. I highly recommend this product, but also recommend patience and double checking the settings prior to just leaving the animal unattended with the dish. I would buy one again, as it is well worth the money spent. Mine has worked great for over 2 years with little adjustments other than cleaning.

Best money i spent this year   
Lola Tens  USA  8/6/2008

My dog has a medical condition where she has to eat many times a day. Now i don''t have to worry about her when i get back late! thank god i found this product. i programmed it go off every 3 hours. so far it works very well! my dog is happy and i have less to worry about. Oh i installed this product on a shelf about 5 feet high then easily removed the (removable) bowl, built a paper funnel so the food drops into a bowl on the floor. My dog can open the fridge and without the shelf could take this thing out in about 2 minutes flat. This solution workswell for us. Im so glad i did this. ideal for dogs with medical conditions that require them to eat often.

Better than the others   
A. Wilson  USA  8/6/2008

I tried one of the "wheel" design auto feeders before I bought this one, and this one is much, much better designed. It works well, and so far has not given me any problems. I had to use it several times to figure out how much food to dole out, but I think I have it figured out now. The timer was easy to program, although the directions included with the product were confusing and hard to figure out. If you can set a clock radio, you can program this thing to feed your cat/dog. The one drawback is that my cat figured out that he could stick his paw up in the hole where the food comes out and pull out a kibble of food at a time. When I use this thing he sits there and gorges all day making himself sick. Its better than not having any food though. My other cat hasn''t figured this "hack" out yet, so you will just have problems if your cat is seriously desperate to eat all the time, and is extremely mischievous.

These are priceless!,    
michu c  USA  8/6/2008

I''ve had two auto feeders and one auto waterer for over 2 years now, and I love them! I do agree with one of the other reviewers that the auger cover is easy to break off. My indoor cats haven''t figured that out, but the racoons that try to steal the food for the feral cat colony I feed outdoors, have. They''re all very easy to use, easy to clean and simple to program. Their website info is limited, I would like to know what this locking auger cover is all about. If they gave more information, maybe they''d sell many more of these.

A good product (not to replace human care),    
tstaton  Lexington, KY United States  8/6/2008

After a month of investigating automated pet feeding and watering devices for my pet cat, I finally selected this two gallon model by Ergo Systems. It was not an easy process, many of the consumer product reviews regarding the various available models seemed to be either plugs or diatribes. Clerks at local pet stores tried to be helpful, but none of the stores I visited carry these devices in stock so close inspection and particular model recommendations were unobtainable. The best they could offer were vendor recommendations based on reputation. I finally made my decision based on design specifications, vendor highlighted features, and the most discernibly objective reviews available. The only criticism I have for this waterer is that it must be taken apart to be properly cleaned but the benefits of providing our cat with running, oxygenated water are worth the minor inconvenience. Disassembly/assembly can be completed by memory after initial assembly. It did take a day or so for our cat to become accustomed to the sound of the pump but this is to be expected, especially when imposing such a drastic change to the feeding and watering area. Overall, I rate this product as good. The one part subject to wear and tear is the pump and having never owned an automated waterer before, I am still apprehensive of the failure rate of such a part. So far it has performed faithfully.

I really like the Auto Pet Feeder   
Randy  Dallas  7/23/2008

I bought the large size for my cat. My only concern was if I could make it put out a small amount of food and it does because I can make it run for 25 seconds and this put the correct amount of food in the bowl. Also having a seperate timer, with battery back up, was a wonderful touch. I had a lighting strike near my garage, where the feeder is, and the unit was uneffected. I liked the food feeder so much I bought the auto water device. They work great, and they are easy to program. I have had several other feeders in the past and this one is the best of all of them, remember you get what you pay for.


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