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Digital Timer

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Digital Timer

Digital 15-Amp AC Outlet All-Purpose U8 Timer


The timer plugs in to the wall socket and has two outlets (one is always-on, one is timed), one outlet is labeled as “Power” which is on the left hand side of the timer, directly connects to the power supply, and the second outlet is labeled as “Timer” which is on the right hand side of the timer switches the electrical device ON and OFF based on the timer settings. It also features a manual override switch, Eight ON/OFF programs per day and a daylight-savings-time feature. The indicator will glow when ever the device is ON. It is UL & CUL approved.

Just plug the Digital Timer into any grounded AC outlet. The Digital Timer comes with a grounded outlet built in, so you can plug any AC power cord into it. The timers turns the power on and off to whatever is plugged into it.

These are in perfect, brand-new condition. This will be professionally packaged inside in a new corrugated box. The uses for this product are endless.

First time use: Connect your digital timer unit into the wall socket. This will charge the internal battery if you are using the timer for the first time. Reset it by pressing the Master Reset button using a small pin such as a paperclip. This will reset the timer. All other programming functions can be performed without plugging the timer in to the wall socket.


The timer may have to be charged for 10 minutes prior to use if the timer display is blank. Press the Master Reset button after 5 minutes while the timer is charging.


  • To automate any electrical device
  • Perfect for turning your Christmas lights ON and OFF (and conserving electricity)
  • Can be used for other outdoor lights, business lights etc
  • To automatically turn OFF Curling irons

Our Price: US$38.00

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