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Smart Chime :

Smart Chime

Are you tired of your pet messing up the house as a result of not being let
outside on time? Have you often felt you needed something to curb all
this and train your pet? Do you want something smart & innovative to help
you through this process?Ö.. Let Ergo Do it for you
  • Easy installation, typical in less than 10 minutes
  • Smart Chime helps in controlling your petís movements, you will know when pet actually wants to go outside
  • This product will alert you as to when your dog or cat needs to go outside
  • Used to cure your petís behavioral problems
  • Can be set to dog bark or kitty meow depending on the pet you have at home
  • Pets can use the soft and feather touch buttons easily
  • Smart Chime doubles up as a normal door bell too
  • May be mounted vertical or horizontal
  • Battery operated for pet safety
1Pet Switch Door ChimeDoor Switch
Voltage DC 9VDC 4.5VDC 12V
Size6LR61 BatteryAA BatteryA23 Battery
PackagingSingle PackCase Pack : 24
Dimensions3.5" x5" x 7"14.5" x21" x 11"
Weight0.98 lbs24 lbs
UPC083497500239 083497500314

Our Price: US$44.10

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