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8-Day-feeder-3Eight Day Timer
All pets weighing upto 60 lbs
Pet Meds
All pets wighing upto 80 lbs

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Talking 8 Day Auto Pet Feeder - Pet Med Feeder

Have you ever missed feeding your pet? Or feeding on time?
.. Let Ergo Do it for you
  • No installation required, comes as pre assembled unit
  • Takes care of your pets when you are busy, don't have the time, or on vacation
  • Perfect for pet owners with busy, unpredictable schedule, elderly and physically challenged
  • Perfect for pets with diabetes or eating disorder
  • Can be used to feed wet/dry food and pet medication
  • Record your voice and play it back at every meal time
  • Digital timer for precise feeding at appropriate times up to 8 times a day
  • Digital timer retains the program settings during battery changes
  • Compact with pleasing design and is portable
  • Ice packs in the feeder dish keeps food cool. These ice packs will keep the food cool for about 8-10 hours depending on the ambient room temperature
  • Removable bowl for easy cleaning
  • This feeder can be used with pets such as cats, dogs, ferrets, birds etc.
Holds 12 ounces of food per compartment hence 96 ounces for 8 compartments

Voltage DC 4.5V
Size AA Battery
PackagingSingle PackCase Pack :6
Dimensions4.7" x 16" x 16"29" x16" x 16"
Weight5 lbs30.06 lbs
UPC083497500215 083497500406

Our Price: US$108.00

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