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Fish Feed Ring Kit

Solve many feeding problems with a simple feeding ring

Fish Feeding Ring
A fish feeding ring is nothing more than a ring that rests on the surface of the water, either free-floating or attached to the side of the tank. Fish food is then dropped inside the ring and viola, dinner is served. It doesn't take long for fish to learn that the ring is their new feedbag.

Giving Fish Feeding Choices
Rings also make for more choices. Using multiple rings lets fish choose where (and with whom) to feed. Bullies can't hog all the rings, so everyone gets a chance to eat in peace. It even allows the owner to feed different foods to finicky fish. If one ring is filled with food the fish will dash right over there, leaving the second ring open to drop specialty food in for those picky eaters.

Feeding Ring Placement
Feeding rings can be permanently placed in the tank with a suction cup, or allowed to free float. Fixed rings have the advantage of less fuss when feeding time comes, as there is no need to find the rings and toss them in the tank. They also allow placement at specific locations in the tank. If you have a picky eater, he will quickly learn which ring is his feeding station.

Floating rings are most useful when one fish is a feeding bully. By having two (or more) floating rings, the bully never knows exactly where the rings will be. The other fish figure out that he can only hog one ring at once, and wait for him to choose his spot, leaving the other free for them.

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